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Peer Tutoring


Call us at (509) 533-7322.

Summer Hours

Mon-Thur: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Mon-Thur: 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Fri.: 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Accounting, Economics, and Statistics students:

Visit Bldg. 1, Room 248 for tutoring information and assistance.

Available hours are posted
outside Room 248.

Questions? Contact Renee Goffinet:
or 509-533-7395.

Peer Tutoring at SCC is designed so you can drop in without an appointment to receive FREE tutoring. Tutoring is offered in the subjects listed below. Click the subject to view the tutor schedule and location. If you need a tutor in a subject not listed, please contact the Tutoring Coordinator.

What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer Tutors are fellow students who have successfully completed introductory and advanced coursework and are recommended by instructors in subject areas. Our tutors are SCC students, university students, and professionals from the community who must meet specific job requirements.

How can a peer tutor help me?

Whether you are looking for help on Math homework questions or would like strategies for organizing an essay, peer tutors can help you. Here are just some of the topics peer tutors can help with:

  • Homework questions
  • Science labs
  • Understanding vocabulary and concepts
  • Study strategies
  • Writing a paper

Interested in becoming a Peer Tutor? To be considered, you must have:

  • A 3.5 or above in the subject for which you will be tutoring
  • A recommendation from the instructor you had for this class
  • An interview with the Tutoring Services Coordinator

Did you know there are alternatives to on-ground tutoring?

Tutoring (photo)

In Building 1, SCC Tutoring Services provides four computer labs for students to use. The main area, 1-1220, is available for drop-in use. 1220-F and 1220-G are identical classrooms with 24 computers each plus an overhead projection unit linked to an instructor's computer station. These classrooms can be reserved by instructors for specific classes, or one day a week as a lab section for a class. When the computers are not in use by a class, they are open for any student to use.

In Building 27, Tutoring Services are focused on math and science needs. Resources include a math lab and a computer lab.

Tutoring (photo)

Each of these lab computers is loaded with Microsoft Office Professional including: Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint, Internet access, and many tutorials and coursework applications.

Tutors and instructional technicians are available most hours we are open to assist students with computing related questions.

Contact Us

Humanities/English/Social Science Tutoring Services

Building 1, Room 1220. 509-533-7322

Math Tutoring Services

Building 27, Room 108. 509-533-7401

Science Tutoring Services

Building 27, Room 212. 509-533-7073

Tutoring Services Coordinator

Tera Lessard, Building 27-109C, Building 1 1220B,
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