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Student Activities Office

Student activities are conducted to promote educational, cultural, social, and recreational programs. These programs are planned, coordinated, and conducted by students to supplement classroom learning experiences throughout the college year.

There are a wide variety of clubs and organizations that relate to special interests (hearing impaired, single parents), as well as instructional areas (Delta Epsilon Chi, drama, nursing, Skills USA, culinary arts). Membership in these student clubs and organizations is open to all students.

For more information...
For more information:
Building 6, Lair, East Wing
Monday - Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM
(Summer hours may vary.)
(509) 533-8657
(509) 533-7422
Sandra Journey Administrative Assistant
Phone: (509) 533-8657
Office: 6-0125
Primary contact for: administrative support, club expenditures
Bruce Steele Program Coordinator for Student Activities
Phone: (509) 533-8928
Office: 6-0114E
Primary contact for: SCC ASG, student clubs and activities
Gordon Grove Event and Facility Coordinator
Phone: (509) 533-8132
Office: 6-0133
Primary contact for: Lair events scheduling
Fax: (509) 533-7422
Hours: Monday through Friday
7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
(Summer hours may vary.)

Create a Club

When there is an interest of several students (at least five) to form a new campus club or organization, the following criteria need to be followed:

  1. Find a faculty advisor.
  2. Develop a club charter, guidelines, and constitution. The name, purpose, and goals of the organizations should be included within these documents (samples are available from the Student Activities Office).
  3. Develop a schedule and plan for meetings and programs.
  4. List all students interested in being a member.
  5. Discuss the club with the Student Activities Program Coordinator located in the Lair (Building 6), Office 114H.
  6. Submit a request to the Associated Student Government (ASG) to be put on a future agenda. The ASG meets every Tuesday at 3:00 PM in the Lair Littlefoot A & B conference room. Several members should attend to make a presentation to the ASG.
  7. Make copies of the club charter/guidelines/constitution for ASG to review prior to meeting.
  8. The ASG will take action to approve or disapprove the club's charter. Upon approval, the club is sanctioned on campus.
  9. A $300 budget to work with the first year may be requested. The next year, the club will follow procedures for funding as outlined in the S & A Fees manual.

Bulletin Boards/Campus Posting Policy

All Signs/Posters

Signs and/or posters that provide information on an event/activity or other information that is of interest to students, faculty, or staff must be removed after the activity, the event, or the expiration of 30 days, whichever comes first.

No posting regarding housing is allowed. All housing information must go through Ashley Smith in the Student Activities Office, Building 6, Room 0125, (509) 533‐8606, who will post it on a website.

  • The Student Activities staff must approve, stamp, and provide an expiration date for all signs/posters before posting; this does not apply to division signs/posters posted on their own bulletin boards. The stamp indicates review of the party requesting permission to post notices and does not indicate an endorsement of content.
  • The name and contact information of the responsible person/club must be submitted to the Student Activities staff.
  • Campus-sponsored clubs, organizations, and groups can have up to 30 signs/posters approved per event. Off‐campus organizations are limited to 10 signs/posters per event and must follow the Campus Posting Policy.
  • Signs/posters that contain illegal content or that violate SCC policies are not permitted.

Sign/Poster Display

  • Signs/posters smaller than 11" x 17" may only be placed on bulletin boards. No signs/posters may be placed on glass windows, light posts, or doors, nor may they be nailed or stapled to trees or plants.
  • Thumbtacks, staples, or masking tape may be used on designated bulletin boards.
  • Signs/posters larger than 11" x 17" require special permission from the Student Activities Office where both parties will agree where the sign can be placed.
  • Signs/posters displayed on sandwich or A‐frame boards may only be displayed for a maximum of four days.

Alternate Posting Options

  • Signs/posters placed on tables in the Lair, the Bigfoot Café, and the Coffeehouse require special permission. Please contact the Student Activities Office for further instructions.
  • Advertising on the two Lair lobby monitor screens will be limited to campus-sponsored events. Please contact Kimberlee Chin in the Student Activities Office at (509) 533-8606 or email for further coordination.
  • Advertising on the reader board on the outside south wall of the Lair and the display screen in the Bigfoot Café is limited to campus-sponsored events. Please contact the Student Activities Office at (509) 533-8657 or email for further coordination.

Approved Areas for Posting

Non‐department bulletin boards (only one posting per bulletin board permitted) inside all buildings with the following exceptions:

  • Building 27 - Once approved by Student Activities, you must get further instruction from the Administrative Assistant of Building 27.
  • Building 15 - Once approved by Student Activities, you must check in at Building 15, Office 120G.
  • Building 1 - Post only on the tile sections of walls; do NOT post on the painted surfaces of walls.

Sign Removal

  • Persons or groups who post signs/posters are required to remove them by the day following the event or by the expiration date. Persons or groups who do not remove their signs/posters within the prescribed time limit risk restriction or loss of posting privileges.
  • SCC staff reserves the right to remove signage without notice if it is outdated, does not adhere to the posting policy, or is contrary to community standards.

If you have any questions or need special permission for a posting, please contact the Student Activities Office in the Lair, Room 125 or call (509) 533‐8657.

Updated February 15, 2011

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