Student Government - Emergency Services


The Associated Student Council (ASC) sponsors a campus emergency A.S. Services Center to assist students in need. Money allocated from ASC funds is used to purchase a variety of food items at a bulk rate from the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, and that supply is supplemented with food and/or money contributed by SCC students, faculty, staff, clubs, and classes. Services are available to all SCC students who need emergency assistance.

Donations are gladly accepted and appreciated.

Accessing Services

  • Location: The A.S. Services Center is located on the first floor of the Lair Student Center within the student government offices (Room 06-0115).
  • Hours: Quarterly hours are posted on the door.
  • Limits: After completing minor paperwork, this service allows students to request emergency food three times per quarter.
  • The Food Bank also provides listings of other local emergency services.

Contact Information

SCC students may contact the A.S. Services Center by calling (509) 533-7435 or contact the ASG Director of Emergency Services at (509) 533-8913 for more information.

The Student Health Clinic is located at SCC in the Jenkins Wellness Center, Building 7, Room 118. The walk-in clinic provides services to students currently enrolled at SCC and SFCC. Care is provided by advanced practice nurse practitioners (ARNPs) and certified medical assistants. The clinic is open Monday through Friday during the academic year. Mental Health services are also available at the clinic. Hours of operation are posted on the Student Health Clinic website. Students must present their ID card to utilize these resources.

Security Services

Please visit the SCC Campus Security site for detailed information about services for students and emergency contact information.


SCC counseling faculty work with you to offer support and direction with your educational, personal, and professional goals. Counselors also may provide short-term mental health counseling for a variety of challenges.

However, if the problem is of an intense psychological nature, the counselor will refer you to an appropriate agency outside of Spokane Community College. Students may also be referred to masters-level mental health interns at SCC for therapy.

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

It is EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY to report observed student behavior that gives cause for concern.

SCC is committed to the health and safety of its faculty, staff and students and to maintaining a safe environment in which they may work and learn. Therefore, any student behavior that causes concern on campus or in the classroom should be reported to the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).

Early Alert

The Early Alert Referral Form is part of SCC's comprehensive Early Alert System, designed to identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure. The form allows staff, faculty and advisors to notify the Early Alert team of any student who is not making satisfactory progress and/or is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty (e.g., students who have stopped attending class).

Handling Academic or Personal Problems or Concerns

What can I do if I am having trouble in a class?
What can I do if I am having a personal dilemma?
Standards of Conduct for Students
Student Complaints
Resources for Current Students
Addressing Student Concerns