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Student Government

Our Mission

As members of Student Government at Spokane Community College (SCC), our mission is to create and maintain an enjoyable college experience, a healthy and successful learning environment, and to ensure the student body has all the means and resources necessary to achieve their goals. Our number one priority is student success. To ensure we can achieve success we will


ommunicate clearly and professionally with individual students, the student body as a whole, instructors, faculty, staff, administrators, and the community to make sure students issues and concerns are heard. We have an open door policy. We will gladly listen to all matters presented to us.


espond in a timely and professional manner to students concerns, issues, and ideas. We attend weekly meetings to present and discuss matters that need to be addressed and work well together as a team to find solutions and resources. We also encourage students to attend these meetings to present their ideas.


ducate ourselves! We will remain knowledgeable of SCC's policies and regulations and educate ourselves on new and changing information as well. It is important we have the correct and adequate information to forward onto our fellow students.


chieve outstanding leadership. We will proudly promote responsibility, accountability, and problem solving. We are dedicated to support and appreciate the diverse campus we all share.


ake care of our campus because we take pride in our school. We will assist in keeping our campus clean and safe and will gladly accept student inputs on ways to improve our campus.


ncourage and support all of our campus clubs and organizations to maintain student involvement. We will actively promote club events and participate as often as possible.

Associated Student Government (ASG)

The purpose of the Associated Student Government (ASG) is to best represent the needs of the students to faculty, administration, and government officials.

The ASG budgets and allocates Service and Activity (S&A) Fees. S&A Fees are the portion of each student's tuition allocated back to them through this fund. ASG also coordinates student tenure review committees and members, allocates student building funds, and represents students at the Board of Trustees meetings and student lobby organizations. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings.

Become a leader!

The function of the Programmers is to plan and coordinate all activities on the campus with clubs and organizations within the school. The Programmers review and publicize various activities and events offered to students. This council brings a variety of events to campus, such as lectures, musical entertainment, comedians, and family nights. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend these events.

For more information about ASG:

Contact: Student Activities
Phone: (509) 533-8606
Meetings: Every Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the Lair's Upstairs Conference Room

Students interested in applying for a position on ASC or SAC may pick up an application in student government offices upstairs in the Lair or the Student Activities Office in the east wing of the Lair. All positions receive a quarterly stipend.