Worker Retraining

What is Worker Retraining?

Worker Retraining is a partnership between Community Colleges of Spokane and the Washington State Employment Security Department. The purpose of this program is to assist individuals to become competitively employable through retraining.

Who is eligible?

An incumbent worker must meet two of the following three criteria:

  1. Currently employed in an occupation as "not in demand" (declining) on the region's Demand-Decline List (www.wilma.org/wdclists/)
  2. Below the "tipping point," which is defined as one year of college credits (45 quarter credits or equivalent semester credits) plus any certificate or degree related to their college
  3. In need of new skills in order to remain employed - The worker and employer must attest that the minimum qualifications for the worker's position have changes and that the employee is unable to meet the new skill standard without retraining.

An individual may be eligible to participate if (s)he fits one or more of the following categories:

  • Currently receiving, or eligible to receive, Washington State Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Exhausted your Washington state unemployment insurance benefits within the last 24 months
  • Displaced homemaker (an individual who was formerly supported by a spouse or significant other and no longer receives that support)
  • Formerly self-employed

Documentation verifying eligibility is required and may include any of the following:

  • Unemployment insurance check stub
  • Unemployment insurance payment record
  • WARN notice
  • Record of household income
  • Child Support (in or out of home)

What services does Worker Retraining provide?

  • Short-term "Jump Start" funding - tuition and fees only
  • Assistance with the Employment Security CAT/TB application to attend school while collecting unemployment
  • Assistance in locating additional funding
  • Liaison to other agencies, programs, and funding

What programs does Worker Retraining fund?

State funded, credit and non credit programs or classes that lead towards improving employment opportunities.

Enroll in an individually designed program to update your skills. Training offerings include:

  • Short-term certificates lasting one to four quarters
  • Industry certification programs, completed in four to seven months
  • Two-year degree programs

Because the emphasis in the Worker Retraining Program (WRP) is retraining and rapid reemployment, programs designed for transfer to a four-year college or university are not approved. The WRP Coordinator will assist individuals in selecting the right course of action.

How to apply

Individuals may access the application online or call (509) 533-8056 to make an appointment with SCC's Worker Retraining Representative.

For labor market information, visit www.workforceexplorer.com.

For more information... For more information:
Contact: Susan Morgado
Email: Susan.Morgado@scc.spokane.edu
Phone: (509) 533-8056 or
(800) 248-5644 ext. 8056
Fax: (509) 533-8688
TTY: (509) 533-8080