Hotel and Restaurant Management

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The Hotel/Restaurant Management program at Spokane Community College prepares students for entry-level management positions in the hospitality industry. Our six-quarter program leads to an Associate in Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) that opens doors to management careers on cruise ships, in casinos, at elegant restaurants, at ski resorts, and at cozy bed-and-breakfast hotels. If you like fun, meeting people, and the challenges of management, you can live and work where others travel for vacation.

Business is booming worldwide

The hotel and restaurant industry grows and changes constantly, making it one of the most exciting businesses worldwide. The industry currently enjoys a surge in tourism, a creative array of specialty restaurants, and rapid expansion in convention business.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you organized and efficient even when working under pressure and juggling a variety of tasks? Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you physically fit for an active job and open to working odd or long hours? Would you enjoy working as part of a team that serves the public? Add to these qualities a pleasant personality and a healthy dose of common sense, and you are the perfect candidate for a career in hotel and restaurant management.

Practice makes perfect

Most of our program's students also work part time for hands-on experience at local hotels and restaurants. Spokane's variety of hospitality venues offers a wide assortment of cuisine and levels of service, and the city is nationally recognized for its convention facilities. Many of our graduates advance to full-time supervisory or management positions. Available part-time positions include:

  • Front-desk operations
  • Housekeeping
  • Food and beverage service
  • Sales and marketing
  • Night auditing

Where's your atlas?

Do you dream of living in a faraway, exotic place or a favorite getaway spot closer to home? Mountain lodges, seaside and ski resorts--and your hometown--all need people who are skilled in hotel and restaurant management. Our graduates enjoy positions as operational managers, sales and marketing professionals, front-desk clerks, and night auditors. They also manage motels, restaurants, banquet and catering services, marinas, bars, dining rooms, and hotel room divisions. You can expect to make up to $24,000 a year starting out, plus substantial tips! For more information, contact SCC Student Success and Career Services.

Listen to our grads!

Roma Hollibaugh
SCC graduate,
Sales Manager,
Tacoma Convention and Visitors Bureau
"SCC gave me exactly what I needed. The entire two years were concentrated on the hotel and restaurant business."

"The contacts I made at SCC helped me get this job. Every day something happens at work that relates to what I learned in class. My training gave me a diversity of knowledge that I use on a daily basis. It's relevant stuff."
Steve Greene
Front Desk Clerk and Night Auditor,
The Courtyard by Marriott, Spokane.

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Book List

HM 110 - Introduction to Hotel/Restaurant/CUL-110 Introduction

  • Introduction to Hospitality, 5th Edition
    By: Walker, John R.
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 10-013-513928-7

HM 112 - Hospitality Math

  • Culinary Math, 3rd Edition
       By: Linda Blocker and Julia Hill
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 0-470-06821-2
     Lab fee $10.00

HM 115 - Food Sanitation for Hotel/Restaurant

  • Suggested Text (Not Required):
    ServSafe Essentials, 5th Edition
       By: Education Institute & National Restaurant Association
       Publisher: Wiley & Sons
       ISBN: 978-1-58280-222-0
     Lab Fee (Lab fee includes all online materials) $100.00

HM 126 - Food Science

  • The Professional Chef, 9th Edition
       By: The Culinary Institute of America
       Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
       ISBN: 978-0-470-42135-2
     Lab fee $10.55

HM 130 Human Relations

  • Human Relations
       By: Dalton
       Publisher: Southwestern Publishing Co.
       ISBN: 0-53-8722231
  • Recommended for HRM Students:
    Leadership Lessons from a Chef
       By: Carroll
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 978-0-470-12530-4

HM 141 - Maintenance & Engineering

  • The Management of Maintenance and Engineering Systems in the Hospitality Industry, 4th Edition
       By: Borsenik & Stutts
       Publisher: Wiley
       ISBN: 0-471-14105-4

HM 151 - Restaurant Management

  • How to Open and Run a Successful Restaurant, 3rd Edition
       By: Egerton-Thomas
       ISBN: 978-0-471-69874-6
  • Wine for Dummies, 4th Edition
       ISBN: 978-0470-04579-4
     Lab fee $10.00

HM 160 - Supervisory Housekeeping

  • Managing Housekeeping Operations, Revised 3rd Edition
       By: Nitschke and Frye
       Publisher: Educational Institute
       ISBN: 978-0-86612-336-5

HM 202 - Front Office Procedures

  • Front Office Operation
       By: Stedman & Kasavana
       Publisher: Educational Institute of AHMA
       ISBN: 0-86612-061-0

HM 205 - Hotel/Restaurant Law

  • Understanding Hospitality Law, 4th Edition
       By: Jefferies
       Publisher: Educational Institute of AHMA
       ISBN: 0-86612-227-3
     Lab fee $15.00

HM 208 - Hotel Sales & Marketing

     Lab fee $10.00

HM 220 - Tourism and the Hospitality Industry

  • Tourism Concepts & Practices
       By: Walker & Walker
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 0-138-14245-9
     Lab fee - ACE Visit Spokane Training $25.00

HM 232 - Hotel/Restaurant Management Principles

  • The Wisdom of Teams
       By: Katzenback & Smith
       Publisher: Harvard business School Press
       ISBN: 0-87584-367-0
  • Servant Leadership
       By: Greenleaf
       Publisher: Paulist Press
       ISBN: 0-8091-0554-3
     Lab fee $10.00

HM 251 - Restaurant Management

     Lab fee $20.00

HM 255 - Menu Planning

  • Suggested Text (Not Required):
    Profitable Menu Planning
       By: John A Drysdale
       Publisher: Prentice Hall
       ISBN: 0-13-587833-0
     Lab fee $25.00

HM 265 - Food Cost Control for Hotel/Restaurant

  • Food and Beverage Cost Control, 4th Edition
       By: Dopson, Hayes, and Miller
       Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
       ISBN: 978-0-470-16773-1
     Lab fee $10.00

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