Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences Department (photo)

SCC's Environmental Sciences department offers a variety of certificate and degree programs.

The Greenery features floral and greenhouse products made and grown by students - check it out!


  • Computer lab in the department
    • GIS software
    • Linked to Internet
    • Landscape design & irrigation software
    • Map plotter
  • Shop facilities
    • Small engines
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Training facility
  • Welding facilities
    • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
    • Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) a.k.a. MIG welding
    • Oxyacetylene welding
    • Torch brazing
    • Oxygen cutting
    • Air carbon arc cutting
  • Three greenhouses
  • Certified Landscape Technician (CLT) testing site
NPR Audio: Rural America's 2010 Defied Economic Blues

FYI: Six-minute audio piece with Tom Vilsak speaking on the state of agriculture and how it fared through 2010

Click on the image to view the video.

Resources for Students

Persons with Disabilities

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, accommodations for students with disabilities will be considered at the student's request. The student will be required to register with the Disability Support Services office and provide documentation of disability. Once the student is qualified by the DSS Manager as having a disability, requested accommodations will be considered. Accommodations for the classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting will be considered according to reasonableness. Accommodations that compromise patient care, or that fundamentally alter the nature of the program or activity, are not considered to be reasonable. A student denied accommodation may request an individualized determination to assure that the denial is not a result of disability discrimination by contacting the Manager of Disability Support Services and Testing at 533-7498. Contact the SCC Disability Support Services office to obtain a copy of the procedures for appeal of an accommodation denial. Other than accommodation issues, procedures for student grievances including academic dismissal are outlined in the following SCC website: Addressing Student Concerns.

For additional information, please contact Disability Support Services.

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  Beasley, Tyler; Greenhouse Manager (509) 533-7277 10-106A Tyler.Beasley@scc.spokane.edu
  Benavidez, Tony; Instructor (509) 536-3703 008-0105 Tony.Benavidez@scc.spokane.edu
  Brown, David; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7256 8-205 David.Brown@scc.spokane.edu
  Brown, George; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7256 008-0112 George.Brown@scc.spokane.edu
  Capello, Arthur; Faculty (509) 533-8695 8-119E Arthur.Capello@scc.spokane.edu
  Carter, Mitcheal; Instructional Tech - Adjunct Faculty (509) 217-6046 8-207 Mitcheal.Carter@scc.spokane.edu
  Deffe, Cindy; Faculty (509) 533-7260 8-110 Cindy.Deffe@scc.spokane.edu
  Dunford, Mathew; Faculty (509) 533-7265 08-203 Mathew.Dunford@scc.spokane.edu
  Etchison, Loretta; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7277 8-116 Loretta.Etchison@scc.spokane.edu
  Fennimore, Claudia (509) 533-7277 10-106A Claudia.Fennimore@scc.spokane.edu
  Gilbert, Brian; Faculty (509) 533-7271 008-202 Brian.Gilbert@scc.spokane.edu
  Kohlhauff, Tim; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7258 8-101 Tim.Kahlhauff@scc.spokane.edu
  Kohlhauff, Tim; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7256 008-0104 Tim.Kohlhauff@scc.spokane.edu
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  Larson, Ben; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7258 08-102 Ben.Larson@scc.spokane.edu
  Leuba, Victoria; Instructor Water Resourses (509) 533-7266 008-0106 Victoria.Leuba@scc.spokane.edu
  Lively, Timothy; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7278 23-101 Timothy.Lively@scc.spokane.edu
  Nielson, Marilyn; Faculty (509) 533-7262 008-107 Marilyn.Nielson@scc.spokane.edu
  Peregoy, Bob; Faculty (509) 533-7258 008-0101 Bob.Peregoy@scc.spokane.edu
  Prins, David; Faculty   8-109 David.Prins@scc.spokane.edu
Natural Resources Rieger, Tom; Faculty (509) 533-7267 8-203 Tom.Rieger@scc.spokane.edu
Water Resources Art/Craft/Food Fair
Rudders, Erin; Faculty (509) 533-7266 8-119 Erin.Rudders@scc.spokane.edu
  Schultz, Cindy; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7260 10-105 Cindy.Schultz@scc.spokane.edu
  Startzel, Karol; Instructional Tech (509) 533-8167 10-102 Karol.Startzel@scc.spokane.edu
  Stasney, David; Faculty (509) 533-7278 008-116 David.Stasney@scc.spokane.edu
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The Greenery - SCC's Secret Garden


Floral and greenhouse products made and grown by students...

The Greenery, located in Building 10 on the north side of campus (view map), is a student-operated flower shop and nursery with three greenhouses where students grow flowering plants, house plants, annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs.

Plants and fresh flower arrangements made by the students are available for purchase. Special arrangements can be made by calling (509) 533-8167.

We accept:
  • MasterCard or Visa
  • Check or cash
  • Cash and carry
  • Special orders
  • Holiday and seasonal plants
  • Wide variety of house plants
  • Many baskets and novelty gift items

floral arrangement
For more information...
For more information:
(509) 533-8167 or
(800) 248-5644 ext. 8167
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Tuesday - Friday
while classes are in session

All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

Click on the course title to view course description.

Course Title Credits
AGGEN 151Shop Skills 4.0
AGGEN 152Arc Welding 4.0
AGGEN 153Oxy-acetylene Welding 4.0
AGGEN 154Small Engine Operation and Maintenance 4.0
AGGEN 156Equipment Operation and Maintenance 2.0-5.0
AGGEN 157Arc Welding 1.0
AGGEN 158Oxy-acetylene Welding 1.0
AGGEN 161Advanced Maintenance Welding 1.0-4.0
AGGEN 162Metal Art 1.0
All course offerings are subject to change. The college cannot guarantee class offerings, designated times or specific instructors - as funding levels and student interest may affect whether or not an offering is available.

Click on the course title to view course description.

Course Title Credits
AGHRT 101Basic Crop Science 5.0
AGHRT 102Pesticides and Fertilizer Application Equipment 2.0-4.0
AGHRT 103Introduction to Greenhouse and Nursery Production 3.0
AGHRT 104Principles of Pest Management 5.0
AGHRT 105Horticultural Retail Sales 3.0
AGHRT 106Greenhouse and Nursery Management I 5.0
AGHRT 107Greenhouse and Nursery Management II 5.0
AGHRT 108Greenhouse and Nursery Management III 4.0
AGHRT 109Introduction to Vegetable Gardening 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 110Fall Landscape Plant Materials 5.0
AGHRT 111House Plants 5.0
AGHRT 112Spring Landscape Plant Materials 5.0
AGHRT 115Pruning 2.0-3.0
AGHRT 116Green Industry Business Management 5.0
AGHRT 126Computer Essentials for Environmental Sciences 2.0-5.0
AGHRT 171Agricultural Leadership Training 1.0
AGHRT 172Agricultural Leadership Training 1.0
AGHRT 173Agricultural Leadership Training 1.0
AGHRT 181Agricultural Leadership Training 1.0
AGHRT 183Agricultural Leadership Training 1.0
AGHRT 184AgHort Occupational Preparation 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 185AgHort Occupational Preparation 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 186AgHort Occupational Preparation 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 187AgHort Occupational Preparation 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 195Practicum 2.0-3.0
AGHRT 201Landscape Installation 4.0-5.0
AGHRT 202Principles of Irrigation 4.0-5.0
AGHRT 204Landscape Design 1 4.0
AGHRT 205Landscape Design 2 4.0
AGHRT 206Landscape Construction 4.0-5.0
AGHRT 211Floral Design Techniques 5.0
AGHRT 212Floral Design Applications 5.0
AGHRT 213Retail Floristry 5.0
AGHRT 219Soil Management and Fertility 5.0
AGHRT 225Weed Biology and Control 5.0
AGHRT 226Turfgrass Management 5.0
AGHRT 228Arboriculture 5.0
AGHRT 230Plant Problem Diagnosis 5.0
AGHRT 232Pest Management Project 2.0
AGHRT 234Bidding and Estimating 2.0-3.0
AGHRT 240Practicum - Floral Design Projects 1 3.0
AGHRT 241Practicum - Floral Design Projects 2 3.0
AGHRT 266Cooperative Education Seminar 1.0-2.0
AGHRT 267Cooperative Education Work Experience 1.0-18.0
AGHRT 296Special Problems 1.0-3.0
AGHRT 297Special Problems 1.0-3.0
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