Why Spokane Community College?

Simply stated, SCC represents the best bargain in higher education available in the state of Washington. Low tuition, excellent financial assistance, great student support services, superb faculty, and incredible program offerings converge at SCC to provide the very best value in higher education.

  • Affordable
    Tuition at SCC is among the lowest in the state. Whether you're starting a four-year college education, or seeking a technical degree or certificate, SCC is the most affordable way to get started.
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  • Financial Assistance
    Two out of every three SCC students benefit from financial aid. In the academic year 2011-2012, SCC offered over 52 million dollars in aid to approximately 70% of its students seeking degrees or certificates. In addition, the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships each year.
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  • Students are Supported
    SCC is committed to your success. We offer a wide array of support services to help you succeed in your academic life despite the challenges everyday life. These services include:
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  • Lair (Bldg. 6)
    Students Succeed
    Studies show that the more college education students receive, the higher their wages tend to be. This is true even for those who don't complete the degree or certificate they originally intended to achieve. For example, students who complete just one year's worth of college credit courses and earn a credential, on the average earn over $7,000 per year more than students who complete fewer than 10 credits. (1) The estimated employment rate of SCC professional-technical students is over 80% for students who complete their program, and over 70% for those who attend a program, even if they don't complete it.(2)
  • Dedicated Teaching Faculty
    With more than 500 highly qualified and experienced full- and part-time instructors (3), students experience smaller class sizes and receive more individual attention than they would at most public four-year and private institutions.
  • Extensive Program Offerings
    SCC offers over 85 degrees and certificates (programs of study) in a wide variety of academic, professional, and technical fields. Nearly 70% of our students say that our program offering was a key factor in their decision to attend SCC. (4)
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  • Earn Degrees Online
    And best of all, you don't have to live in the Spokane area to take advantage of our excellent programs. You can earn many degrees and certificates over the Internet through our eLearning programs.
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  • Take a Tour of Campus
    Want to see what the campus is like? Visit the Tours page and book a tour!
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