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SCC Mission and Core Themes


Spokane Community College offers educational opportunities in college readiness, workforce training, and university transfer that meets the needs of the diverse communities we serve. We are committed to student success through active learning, dynamic relationships, and supportive environments.

Core Themes

The college has identified four core themes to further define the mission which are used evaluate mission fulfillment.

  • Workforce Development
    SCC’s professional technical certificate and degree programs are industry standard, preparing students for entry level positions in their discipline.
  • Academic Transfer
    Students enrolled in Academic Transfer courses are well prepared and successful as they transfer their coursework and/or Associate degrees in pursuit of the next step in their education plan.
  • College Readiness
    College Readiness programs meet the needs of students and prepare them for college-level courses while empowering them to succeed academically, personally, and professionally.
  • Student Success
    Students are provided with the opportunity to succeed in a supported environment that enhances individual and professional growth through academic, personal and professional development.


Spokane Community College is where students transform their lives and attain their goals, enriching our communities.

Core Values

Student Success, Excellence, Accessibility, Inclusiveness, Collaboration, Mutual Respect, Responsiveness, Life-long Learning