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"Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides." - Rita Mae Brown
Dennis Keen (photo)

We dedicate our department website to our colleague Dennis Keen, whom we lost in February 2011. As you visit our site, we invite you to reflect on just a few of Dennis' contributions and accomplishments:

Dennis leaves behind an impressive list of service. In 1986, the English Department hired Dennis to be the first director of the English Lab and prime coordinator of Developmental Education. He held this position for the first ten years of his career at SCC. In this position as director, he gave new life to our offerings of Developmental Education, and many of our current programs are the result of his care in thinking through what would best serve our underprepared students.

Dennis served as SCC English Department Chair for many years and as Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences on more than one occasion. At one point, Dennis served as both Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences as well as Interim Dean of Business, Hospitality, and Information Technologies. His college service included helping to restructure the college's shared governance model, leading the College Alliance Communications Master Plan Task Force during its first year, and drafting the college's 2009-2011 Strategic Plan.

Perhaps Dennis' greatest legacy is the number of students who learned the importance of words and how to use them to express the thinking that he required of them. Students continue to rave about how positively he impacted their lives in terms of learning - and in terms of the confidence he gave them that they could be successful college students and human beings.

Dennis was happy to share his amazing skills and talents with all of us, and he always did so with a smile and a joking remark. Dennis was known for his quick wit, his love of language, and his drive and determination. Students, instructors, and administrators have all benefitted from his 24 years here at SCC.

For so very many years and in so very many ways, Dennis was the heart and soul of our department as well as the Arts and Sciences division, and we will forever be the poorer for his passing. Please honor Dennis by donating generously to the Dennis Keen Scholarship Fund through the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation. More information can be found at the Foundation's website.

Welcome to SCC's English/Foreign Languages Department. We offer a variety of classes that will meet your transfer, professional, and program requirements.

languageEnglish offerings include courses in reading, study skills, composition, and literature presented in traditional, online, and learning community environments.

Foreign language offerings include traditional and online courses in Spanish and French.

Our faculty members have diverse and rich backgrounds in college teaching, yet each one shares the common value of making your experience at SCC both rewarding and stimulating.

Please enjoy your tour of our department's website and please contact any of us if you need more information. We hope to see you in many of our courses.

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  Abbasi, Areej; Faculty (509) 533-8826 1-215A Areej.AlAbbasi@scc.spokane.edu
Spanish Andersen, Phyllis; Spanish Faculty (509) 533-7473 1-215B Phyllis.Andersen@scc.spokane.edu
  Bippes, Brandy; English Instructor (509) 533-7252 001-0211k Brandy.Bippes@scc.spokane.edu
  Burns, Mike; Faculty (509) 533-7240 1-220A Mike.Burns@scc.spokane.edu
  Corrigan, Cheryl; IELP Faculty (509) 533-8826 001-215A Cheryl.Corrigan@scc.spokane.edu
  Decker, Sheri; IELP Faculty (509) 533-8035 001-215H Sheri.Decker@scc.spokane.edu
  Frohnhoefer, Annemarie; English Instructor (509) 000-0000 001-0211E Annemarie.Frohnhoefer@scc.spokane.edu
  Geraghty, Cynthia; Faculty (509) 533-8826 1-215A Cynthia.Geraghty@scc.spokane.edu
  Gerhardstein, Jeff; Faculty (509) 533-7355 1-211-I Jeff.Gerhardstein@scc.spokane.edu
English Gribble, Tom; Faculty (509) 533-7206 1-215G Tom.Gribble@scc.spokane.edu
  Hilton, Samantha; Faculty (509) 533-7090 28-233 Samantha.Hilton@scc.spokane.edu
  Huebener, Erin; Spanish Faculty (509) 533-8979 01-211A Erin.Huebener@scc.spokane.edu
  Isern, Jeannie; Faculty (509) 533-8142 1-211G Jeannie.Isern@scc.spokane.edu
  James, Gwendolyn; Faculty (509) 533-8298 1-234A Gwendolyn.James@scc.spokane.edu
  Kavanagh, Jean; Faculty (509) 533-7351 1-211H Jean.Kavanagh@scc.spokane.edu
  Lambert, Denise; Faculty (509) 533-7384 1-211Q Denise.Lambert@scc.spokane.edu
  Lawrence, Betsy; Faculty (509) 533-8103 1-234B Betsy.Lawrence@scc.spokane.edu
  McKenna, Kathryn; Faculty (509) 533-7252 1-211K Kathryn.McKenna@scc.spokane.edu
English Miller, Sharon; Faculty (509) 533-7253 1-211D Sharon.Miller@scc.spokane.edu
  Nollenberger, Katie; English Instructor (509) 533-7466 001-0213c Katie.Nollenberger@scc.spokane.edu
  Orme, Scott; Faculty (509) 533-8079 1-239D Scott.Orme@scc.spokane.edu
  ORyan, Jameson; Adjunct Faculty (509) 533-7464 1-213Q Jameson.Ryan@scc.spokane.edu
  plumlee, KellieMarie; adjunct faculty (509) 533-8909 001-0211E KellieMarie.plumlee@scc.spokane.edu
  Rasmussen, Angela; Faculty (509) 533-8011 1-234E Angela.Rasmussen@scc.spokane.edu
  Reid, Andrea; Faculty (509) 533-7382 1-234D Andrea.Reid@scc.spokane.edu
  Roe, Timothy; English Faculty (509) 533-7327 1-211R Timothy.Roe@scc.spokane.edu
English Roth, Jim; Faculty (509) 533-7058 1-211T Jim.Roth@scc.spokane.edu
  Ryan, Alyona; Faculty (509) 533-7371 1-217 Alyona.Ryan@scc.spokane.edu
  Semler, Joanna; Instructor English (509) 000-0000 001- Joanna.Semler@scc.spokane.edu
  Sen, Shusmita; Faculty (509) 533-7327 1-239C Mita.Sen@scc.spokane.edu
  Wasson, Stela (509) 533-7466 001-213C Stela.Wasson@scc.spokane.edu
  Zoltak, Mike; Faculty (509) 533-7057 1-239B Mike.Zoltak@scc.spokane.edu
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Spokane Community College's English/Foreign Languages faculty actively use SCC's Student Learning Outcomes Abilities for Assessment. Here are the four abilities that most English instructors will incorporate into their respective course curricula:

Responsibility: Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize, understand, and accept ownership for learning by self-assessing, demonstrating, and evaluating behaviors that support the learning situation.
Written Communication: Students will demonstrate the ability to create meaning between themselves and their audience; learn to listen, speak, and write effectively using words, graphics, electronic media, computers, and quantified data.
Global Awareness: Students will demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the world: its scientific complexity, its social diversity, and its artistic variety.
Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate the ability to access, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources and in a variety of contexts.
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