Foster Youth

Think you can't go to college?
Think again.

Passport to College

The state of Washington has created the Passport to College Promise Scholarship for foster youth like you. This program is designed to encourage you to prepare for and succeed in college.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible for this program if:

  • You were a dependent of the state of Washington and in foster care on your 18th birthday.
  • You spent at least one year in care after your sixteenth birthday.
  • You emancipated from foster care on or after January 1, 2007.
  • You are a Washington resident.
  • You will be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible college by the time you turn 22.
  • You have not earned a bachelor's degree.

The Washington State Achievement Council, in conjunction with DSHS, will determine eligibility for this funding source.

Follow this link to apply: www.readysetgrad.org/college/passport-foster-youth-promise-program

For more information, please call 1-888-535-0747 (press option 5)
Or e-mail: passporttocollege@wsac.wa.gov

Colleges will confirm your eligibility when you enroll.

Identify yourself as a former foster youth with the admissions office and financial aid office.

Need help applying? Please contact Guillermo Espinosa – SCC Designated Support Staff

Primary Designated Support Staff:

Guillermo Espinosa, Multicultural Support/Passport to College Program Coordinator
Multicultural Student Services & Outreach Office, Building 6, Room 115
Phone: (509) 533-7032
Email: Guillermo.Espinosa@scc.spokane.edu

Additional Designated Support Staff:

Jennifer Achziger, Financial Aid
Student Services (Building 15)
Office: 15-128
Phone: (509) 533-7021
Email: Jennifer.Achziger@scc.spokane.edu

Krysta Betts, Passport Special Projects Coordinator
Financial Aid, Student Services (Building 15)
Office: 15-129
Phone: (509) 533-8094
Email: Krysta.Betts@scc.spokane.edu

Carmen Green, Counselor
Counseling Office, Building 1 Room 106
Phone: (509) 533-7195
Email: Carmen.Green@scc.spokane.edu

Lori Hunt, Director of Student Success & Outreach
Student Success and Career Services
Lair, Building 6
Phone: (509) 533-7378
Email: Lori.Hunt@scc.spokane.edu

Zoya Zhuk, Financial Aid
Student Services (Building 15)
Office: 15-133
Phone: (509) 533-8189
Email: Zoya.Zhuk@scc.spokane.edu